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Why Was the Relationship Institute Created? Get to know the Brand

Why the Relationship Institute Exists

I believe the crux of most personal struggles can be attributed to the lack of a people’s connection with themselves, their loved ones and the world. How we treat ourselves is a mirror to how we treat every area of our lives. Trauma and addiction often fall under the same scope of how someone is interacting and copping. Both trauma and addiction are results of a disconnected relationship with oneself.

It is these deep rooted core wounds we focus on healing here at the Relationship Institute.

Our practice aims to help people connect with themselves, make them understand why they are struggling and how they can significantly improve their interaction with others.

Our work mainly encompass all mental health areas with a niche around addiction, trauma, family work and yes, couples. Through many trainings and different theories we can treat the gamete. Many years of trauma and specialized psychotherapy modalities have been acquired although couples work is the only one area of specialized training that is offered.

Here at the Relationship Institute we believe in teamwork. As CEO, I think it is important to know where your own strengths are as a practicer and being able to bring someone on to your team that is strong in the areas you are not as strong, allows us to cover more ground in what we can handle with our scope.

For example, Deborah one of our therapists is strong in parenting skills. Being able to use and collaborate with other therapists in the same organization allows our clients to get the best possible care. This year, the Relationship Institute hopes to expand its presence in different social media channels to become a valuable source of information of all the topics we cover but also to offer a safe place to turn to for support. Receiving support these days is everything and having online groups, blogs and online places where clients can go to get useful information is very comforting.

As a brand we hope to foster the ease of reaching out for help and help our community understand how socially acceptable it is to share what’s going on. Too many people keep their problems to themselves which leads to isolation and an inability to get better. We, at the Relationship Institute, are working hard at creating safe places and breaking the stigma around mental health and reaching out for help. Seeking to start learning more? Be sure to join our new free online group on Facebook called Conscious Relationships, it is a closed group created by The Relationship Institute.

For more talks, be sure to follow my Instagram account @jessicabaumlmhc where we can connect, share and create more healing in community.

Jessica Baum