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Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on Channel Theory, which is that energy runs through the body, along main channels, which have branches that intersect and divide into smaller and smaller channels throughout the body. It is along these main channels where the acupuncture points are located. By simulating these points, one can affect change. Modern technology has helped prove that the stimulation of proper points can help the body along in the healing process. 


At Relationship Institute of Palm Beach we believe in the importance of intensive, individualized case management. That said, we offer a comprehensive full service transition team from residential treatment to at-home treatment. 
Our team of experts create a customized success plans, monitor progress, and determine additional services needed as the patient shows competency in acclimating to a sober, healthy lifestyle.


Studies of the benefits of massage have proven it to be an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension. Here at Relationship Institute of Palm Beach, we believe in an integrated approach to healing, and that taking care of your body through alternative methods like acupuncture and massage therapy, can substantially help. Over the years, we have enlisted the talent of trusted professionals because of consistently positive results and feedback. 

SOBERLINK Monitoring Services

SOBERLINK Monitoring Services is one of the addiction services available here at Relationship Institute of Palm Beach. This cutting-edge, remote accountability program can be used both during and after treatment and has proven to be conducive in helping maintain long-term sobriety. Those who choose to utilize this platform, sign a contract agreeing to perform random sobriety tests using SOBERLINK’s handheld breathalyzer. Twice a day, text messages prompt the client to test. If the results are positive, the team will contact the client. If unresponsive after 15 minutes, the team will contact the client’s therapist to initiate a mutually agreed upon action. The SOBERLINK support team designs clients’ testing schedules, creates accountability plans, a d provides support through the entire process.