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Jessica Baum LMHC Featured on Clouds & Dirt

Image: Clouds & Dirt

Image: Clouds & Dirt

Jessica Baum LMHC from the Relationship Institute of Palm Beach was featured on the Clouds & Dirt blog recently talking about career shift, transformation, and manifestations. If you know Jessica personally, her entrepreneurial “go getter” spirit is engaging and inspiring. So many young people don’t realize the path they may be on right now might not be their ultimate path to success. Personal desires, dream shifts, and spiritual transformations all come up in life. We all know that saying “plans change”. So, finding your passion and what makes you happy, and learning to define success for yourself is a great way to pursue your path.

Read Jessica Baum LMHC’s journey through her career and how she became a mental health counselor today by reading the blog post here.

Jessica Baum